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Our Mission

To make Data Analytics accessible and affordable for SMEs.


At EmoViz, we believe in making data-driven decisions and data is the new oil. Building a Data Science team can be expensive while the returns are not guaranteed. SMEs aren't sure whether to invest in Data Analytics efforts and this can cause them to fall behind their competitors.

Today, EmoViz empowers SMEs with a wide range of latest Data Analytics capabilities.
We listen to their business needs and deploy suitable data-driven strategies to meet them, all of which at a competitive rate.

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Happy Clients

We go the extra mile to meet the needs of our clients and ensure that we do our best to deliver results.

“As a corporate function serving over 50 internal departments, EmoViz has helped us to do away with the task of manual collation completely, not only saving us one but also avoiding human errors.”

— Grace, Manager of JHS

“EmoViz has also been effective in his efforts to make data-driven decisions. They developed our company's business intelligence system and integrated it into our daily workflow”

— Heydar, VP Product of WSC Sports

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Data Cleaning, Data Visualization or even Machine Learning.
Whatever you need, EmoViz can help.

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